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  1. I just want to boost a couple of posts written by speakers at Modern Frontends Live. I’ve been astounded at how that event has gone down and personally think the organiser, Gen Ashley, has conducted herself badly—both in how they’ve treated speakers and… andy-bell.co.uk/modern-frontends-live/
  2. Right, I'm hanging out at bell.bz/@andy and getting away from here for a while. Get me there or email andy@set.studio 👋
  3. New 📌 tweet so you can find me elsewhere: andy-bell.co.uk/links/
  4. it's already been said by others but not seeing a mass migration to facebook is a very positive forward step people seem to be done with the big social monoliths now
  5. Are you going to be streaming for virtual ticket holders today ModernFrontends or are you just taking their money and running?
  6. The thing that's annoying about this is that some very high profile names know exactly what's going on and have not said a word. People have lost a lot of money. The organisers have made a lot of money. Never forget this because it will happen again next year otherwise. piccalilli_/1593270170860101632
  7. i got harassed by a pack of far right maga developers because i didn't like a framework punished_cait/1593275141055717376
  8. This ModernFrontends conference is a shower of shit. I’ve had a number of speaker friends tell me how much a shambles the organisers have been, putting them out of pocket. Now, they’re not live streaming, even tho they have charged god knows how many people for virtual tickets
  9. Does the end in a Y if a designer doesn’t want to redesign their site? I’ve got a bit of a hodgepodge of personal content and also tech stuff dotted around the internet and I feel like I need to bring it all together. Mainly: This site Piccalilli Mus… andy-bell.co.uk/time-for-a-redesign/
  10. maybe web3 is actually when we're free of monolithic algorithmic timelines for good
  11. [sits at desk and opens code editor] time to be hardcore
  12. gonna work hardcore on making a cup of tea
  13. when (if) jdan stops tweetin' i'll log off but until then i simply cannot
  14. i've got a feeling that musk's "twitter 2.0" is going to be not good actually so very likely i'll be spending more time here piccalilli_/1590653020404355072
  15. with all the horseshit that’s going on I missed that Artemis was launching today and that’s upsetting somewhat
  16. what it’s like the live in the uk
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  17. My timeline is riddled with these sort of dogshit promoted tweets bindureddy/1452063735288270848
  18. ads have been replaced by weirdos until morale improves
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  19. microservices will continue to be removed until morale improves
  20. twitter is slow as fuck today throw more rpcs at it elon
  21. I hoped this site wasn’t gonna die but the speed of its decline is frankly terrifying. Musk firing clearly incredibly knowledgable staff *in public* while hacking at the site with a machete. The god awful features, rushed out, cancelled, then reinstated is madness.
  22. I’m firing you all for publicly owning me
  23. only elon is allowed to publicly own himself it seems
  24. A *huge* thanks to leannecodes, NicMakesStuff, j98, wilto and Jason Bradberry (not on twitter) for their incredible work on this site. Y'all are amazing people. setstudiotweets/1592203742707085314
  25. society if javascript did dates well
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  26. at an absolute *minimum* a conference should cover speaker’s travel and accommodation I can’t believe this has to be said still
  27. me watching musk publicly own himself on a daily basis
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  28. having the most wholesome evening teaching my brother in law—soon to be junior developer at setstudiotweets—how to build his first website
  29. This happens on the same day that another, mostly non-tech client sends me a very happy slack message with a link to a prototype that they made really easily because they just read the design system docs. Literally living their best lives. They couldn’t do that with tailwind. piccalilli_/1591351503599853568
  30. just seen a pr: “replace design system with tailwind” my brothers in christ you’re in for some long terms pain let me tell ya
  31. Because heydonworks added colours to his usually monochrome slides at #ffconf I am taking that as a green light to add spot colours to every-layout.dev
  32. ayup ffconf
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  33. when ur php framework makes it big
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  34. Throwback to when I fully embraced crypto 🥰 piccalilli_/1458796407633108999
  35. According to LinkedIn, setstudiotweets is a year old today 🎉
  36. I'm not leaving twitter dot com, but the writing is on the wall of where it's heading. I really don't want twitter to fail. I like it here and I'll still be here but I want to stay in touch with m8s that have left, so I'm going to spend some time on here mastodon.social/@hankchizljaw
  37. what's the opposite of a croissant? a happy uncle
  38. Boris Johnson got a fine for having multiple parties in Downing Street mcortonscott/1590373063170097152