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  1. I made a public, open source list of companies that work with, or have worked with ICE. companies-that-work-with-ice.com/ Hopefully it'll help you make decisions about where not to work and who not to give your money to. Tell all of your friends and most importantly, FUCK ICE.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
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      Turning notifications off from this one now. Thanks for all the feedback, y'all!
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      If you like this and also hate Facebook, then you might like this little thing I made: npm-uninstall-facebook.com
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      You can contribute here: github.com/hankchizljaw/companies-that-work-with-ice Original set of companies comes from this thread: nandoodles/1149551684823085061 Big props to messypixels for linking me to it 💜